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Next Sunday (16th December) is the bring and win. Bring a prize and win a prize. It's as simple as that


Club News

Race Night on Dec 8th

A fun evening at the club. Some went home with full pockets, others with a song on their lips and gravy on their chins. It would be good to see a few fresh faces at our next social.


Sunday November 25th Dougie Gant

Danny Tucker put together an exemplary round of 39 points with his 3 handicap. First of many trophys this season I think. Wayne was the bridesmaid for the second week in a row and Mick put in a good score before he goes into hibernation.


Sunday November 18th-Poppy Cup

We handed over a cheque for £500 to the local branch of the British Legion. They are without premises now and are in need of donations from groups such as the Artisans

Glen T. took over captaincy for the day which turned out to be a glorious , sunny one.

It was another close result, with Sparky Woodbridge emerging triumphant.

Danny Tucker shot a splendid Gross 72.Great burgers were suplied by Phil, using our new, bigger cooker-





Recent Results and Happenings

The Turkeyless Shoot 9/12/2018

1st Glenn Toudup 37 points and a rib of beef

2nd Tony mayhook 36 and a string of sausages

3rd Jimmy Smith 36 and a chicken

4thWayne Shurey 36 and a gammon


Qualifying Stableford 2/12/18

1st Jim Smith 40 points

2nd Glenn Toudup 38

3rd Danny Saia 37

DOUGIE GANT 25/11/18

1st Danny Tucker 39 points

2nd Wayne Shurey 38

3rd Mick Monahan 37


POPPY CUP 18/11/2018

1st Paul Woodbridge 81-12=69

2nd Wayne Shurey 83-14= 69

3rd Danny Tucker 72-3=69-LOWEST GROSS



1st Franco Grieco 37

2nd Jim Smith 37

3rd Glen Toudup 37

4th Danny Saia 37



BOB BAKER 3/11/2018

1st Glen Toudup 79- 13 = 66

2nd Rob Salczynski 84- 17= 67

3rd Danny Tucker 70-3=67



August 11th

We beat Ashridge in the home match to win the ABC Cup


Lifeboats Foursomes 4th August

The winners were Kevin Ledgar and Dave Wright

22 played


Montrose Cleote 29th July

1st Danny Saia 39

2nd Tony Mayhook 38

3rd Bob Lomas 37

Lidgeley Shield 21st July

The parent club retained the trophy


Pro's Prize Week 2 15th July

1st Paul Woodbridge 85-17=68

2nd Nathan Graham 80-8=72

3rd Peter Grey 86-12=74


Pro's Prize Week 1 8th July

1st Glen Toudup 86-13=73

2nd Paul Woodbridge 93-16=77

3rd Nathan Graham 86-8=78

Ladies Cup 24th June

1st Dave Gibson 38

2nd Bob Lomas 36

3rd Lee Homer 34

Frank Batting Trophy 17th June





Cripwell Cup 10/06/2018

1st Rob Salzcynski 69

2nd Stuart Smith 72

3rd Steve Reed 73

4th Richard Lewis 73

(scores corrected)


R.W.Bishop 7/06/2018

1st David Gibson 38

2nd Kevin Tucker 37

3rd Mick Monahan 35


Du Pre Cup3/06/2018





C.V Rafferty 1st Round 20/05/2018

1st Billy Eyers 85-14=71

2nd Phil Strawa 90-18=72

3rd Kevin Tucker 83-11=72



Obrion Taylor Cup 13/05/2018

1st Danny Tucker 71-3= 68

2nd Tony Beale 80-8=72

3rd Robert Lomas 84-12=72


Jardine Eclectic Result

Winner Tony Mayhook 69


Jardine Week 2 Non Qualifying Medal

1st T. Mayhook 69

2nd K.Tucker 71

3rd K. Ledgar 72


Jardine Eclectic 29/04/2018

Week 1

1st Tony Mayhook 89- 18= 71

2nd Tony Beal 82-8 = 74

3rd Andy Martin 90-16=74


Eddie Bovingdon


1st Mick Monaghan 78-9=69

2nd R. Salczynski 89-17 =72

3rd D. Gibson 83-11=72

Sunday November 18th-Poppy Cup

We handed over a cheque for £500 to the local branch of the British Legion. They are without premises now and are in need of donations from groups such as the Artisans

Glen T. took over captaincy for the day which turned out to be a glorious , sunny one.

It was another close result, with Sparky Woodbridge emerging triumphant.

Danny Tucker shot a splendid Gross 72.Great burgers were suplied by Phil, using our new, bigger cooker-


Our second match was also against Flackwell, this time away. Unfortunately we narrowly lost 3/2.



Our first match was against Flackwell Heat at home and we won comfortably, 41/2 to 1/2. A great start but we have the return fixture on the next saturday- Lets hope we can get a win there.


Our day out at Burnham Beeches was a great success, not even marred by the fact that reigning champion Danny Saia won again-shame he doesn't get cut!

The weather was amazing as was the hospitality of the golf club. We plan to go back next year.


Mick Holtby Trophy

1st Nathan Graham 76

2nd David Gibson 67

3rd Craig Gibson 64

4th Glenn Toudup 61

Qualifying Stableford 11/03/18

1st Danny Saia

2nd Danny Tucker 34

3rd Gary Hobbs 32

Golf Fanatics Trophy 25/02/18

Very tough day for most. The only one to get a good score was Nathan Graham who won with 38 points. In second place was Danny Tucker with 33 and 3rd with 32 was Kevin Ledgar


Veterans Cup and Qualifying Medal 18/02/18

By far the best score came from Dave Wright (again) He stormed the medal with a net score of 65. The second spot went to John Harris, who wins the Veterans Cup with a Seve like performance and a score of 68. Third was Jimmy Smith with 69 ( a gross score of 76)

The Magic 2 was claimed again. This time by Kevin Ledgar.

Mystery Prize 11/02/18

Another freezing cold Sunday.The highlight for most was the apres golf, steaming plate of Bratwurst and Chilli, in the comfort and warmth of the club house.Dave Wright, Assistant chef to the mercurial culinary star that is Phil Strawa, played superbly and waltzed away with the Mystery Prize(no-one knows what that is yet)

1st Dave Wright 40

2nd Dave Gibson 38

3rd G. Toudup 37

The Magic 2 was finally won after 8 competitions. The spoils were divided by Franco Grieco(nice to seem him hanging around after) and Dave Gibson. HMRC have been notified.


Wally Weston Qualfying Stableford 04/02/2018

On a cold and wintry day Andy Martin produced a fantastic 42 points to claim the cup. David Gibson and Jimmy Smith continue to impress with 39 and38 points respectively.


Grandfathers cup

The annual challenger against a man with 10(or more) grandchildfen was lost by the club. Dennis again was victorious

The qualifying Stableford was won by Nathan Graham-4 shots clear of the field with a sparkloing 42 points. This puts Nathan on to a handicap of 8. Well done to him

Second place was David Gibson and third, Kevin Tucker


Turkey Shoot and Qualifying Stableford 14/01/2018

Great turnout on a nice, calm January day and no holdups on the course. This was reflected with some very good scoring, meaning the standard scratch was 69. Interestingly this led to Danny Tucker's handicap going out even though he went round in a one over gross par score of 37 points.

The winner on the day was Mick Monaghan with 39 points

2nd John Harris 39

3rd Wayne Shurey 38

Qualifying Stableford 07/01/2018

Very cold, very windy and very slow, But thats enough about the secretary. We were caught behind a very ponderous ladies match but it was still good to get out again. We welcomed new member Mick Dancer to the ranks who discovered that our course has a little bite. I am sure he will soon be challenging for silverware though.

1st Frank Wood 38 points

2nd Glen Toudup 35

3rd Tony Beale 33


Qualifying Stableford 3/12/2017

1st Steve Reed 37

2nd Danny Tucker 36

3rd Kevin Ledgar 36

Dougie Gant 26/11/17

Jimmy Smith is back! An excellent 40 points saw him take the trophy on a cold bright day.

2nd place went to Frank Wood and 3rd, on countback with 38 points, Dave Gibson.

Golf was followed by a lovely burger and chips.


Please look at the notice board for forthcoming events. We have a Race Night

on December 9th, starting at 7.30.Also, make a space in your diary next March

for our day out to Burnham Beeches


Poppy Cup 19/11/2017

Dick Smith, the Chairman of the Beaconsfield British Legion came over and presented the winners of the Poppy Cup Medal Competition with wine. He told the assembled golfers that although the Legion Club in Candlemas Lane was no longer operating the Legion itself was still functioning and thanked the Beaconsfield Artisans for the £500 cheque presented to the local charity.

On a very fine afternoon, maybe the last of the year with such glorious colours, the golf was won by Paul Atkins . Despite banana coloured trousers (or because of them) he managed to beat Wayne Shurey on countback. The captain surprised himself coming in 3rd place .

1st Paul Atkins 69

2nd Wayne Shurey 69

3rd Frank Wood 70


Harvest Festival 12/11/2017

Always a very good day at the club. There were excellent auction prizes, including football tickets, Vintage Port and a meal at Buon Cibo in Rickmansworth. There was also the bizarre, custard creams, Triffids and Marmite chocolate. Much money was raised for charity.

The golf was played in cold and windy conditions . The winners were:-

1st Glenn Toudup 37

2nd Paul Woodbridge 36

3rd Kevin Tucker 36



Captains Drive In and Bob Baker Medal

A 214 yard drive into the wind was the one and only good shot made by the new captain, The length succesfully guessed by Ken Martin

The Bob Baker Trophy was won on countback by David Gibson He was one of 7 to get a net 71

1st Dave Gibson

2nd Steve Reed

3rd Andy Martin (also winner of the Magic 2)


All passed smoothly. The meeting was chaired by Beaconsfield Golf Club's new Manager, Chris Gottler

Dennis Oliver presided at his last event and thanked club members who had helped him in his year as captain.

The new Captain will be Frank Wood, the new Vice Captain, Glen Douglas.


29th October 2017

Qualifying Stableford

1st Franco Grieco 41 points

2nd Kevin Ledgar 35

3rd GlennToudup 34



This will be an 11.30 kick off. There will be a BBQ afterwards.

Please support the captain and the club, this will be a brilliant day.



Absent Friends

Qualifying Stableford

1st Andy Martin 44 points

2nd John Harris 38

3rd Dave Wright 37


Nancy Mitchell Bogey Competition

Winner- Franco Grieco 1up on the course

2nd Dave Gibson- level

3rd Neil Spicer- level

01/10/2017 Qualifying Stableford

1st Jimmy Smith 43

2nd Frank Wood 36

3r Steve Reed 36


25th September

Congratulations to Paul Woodbridge and John James who have won the Schweppes and Brownie Trophies respectively. It was a glorious day, a last gasp of summer. Dave Gibson and Andy Prickett put up a good fight(well they both turned up) but it was just not their day. The finalist enjoyed their moment in the sun and enjoyed the support of club members that turned out to support them.




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