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G.Puttergill Esq


D.Lewis,Esq                               S. Dodd,Esq

P.I.Anderson,Esq                        B.C.Hines,Esq

D.Randall,Esq                             C.Smith,Esq

G.Cotter, Esq                              A.Robertson,Esq

A.M.Hamilton,Esq                       M.Smith, Esq

D.Brown,Esq                               B.Lewis,Esq

C.Swallow,Esq                          W.Horgan,Esq

Air Vice Marshall K.         M.A.Wisdom,Esq


J.Lawson,Esq                              K.Robertson, Esq

J.R.Sutton,Esq                            R.van Wely, Esq

R.Jones,Esq                               C.Hallam, Esq

H.Knox,Esq                                B.Lowe, Esq

G.Bull,Esq                                  T.Woolcott.Esq

R.D.Connor Esq                          P.Murray Esq


  CAPTAIN:  G. Douglas








J.Harris                          D.Saia 

D Wright                         B.Eyers

A.Prickett                            F.Wood

G. Douglas

S. Smith

A few words from the Past-Captain

On the morning of the Captain's Drive ,despite some heckling on the first tee I hit what turned out to be just about  my best drive of the year ,214 yards( into the wind). I believe Kenny Martin picked up a few bob for guessing the distance correctly.

We had a very succesful Harvest Festival Competion. It's always a very good day at the club. There were excellent auction prizes, Custard creams,  Marmite chocolate. We raised a good sum for my chosen charity, Buckinghamshire Mind.

Poppy Day went very well, won by Paul Atkins wearing banana coloured trousers, very brave.

The Chairman of the Beaconsfield British Legion  thanked us for the £500 cheque we raised for this local charity.

During the winter, as you know we provide ourselves with something nice a warming on Sunday afternoons. It's often just enough to take away the pain of the golf. This year, because of my captains duties I haven't been able to offer my services but Dave Wright volunteered to take over the organising of this and I am very grateful.

Food provision for the various Artisan events is alway a challenge and I sincerely thank those who have stepped up to offer their services, Phil Strawa, Pete Grey, Glens Douglas special friend Laura and her daughter .... , Steve Reed's daughter and wife Jane and Gemma, Stuart Smith, Danny Street and Ben Eliot for the BBQ. Also thanks are due to others that I have missed

One of the many things that worry  less outgoing captains like myself  is the meeting, greeting and schmoozing with the dignitaries from Beaconsfield and other clubs . I have to say though that everyone I have met over my year has, without exception been fantastic.

My year as captain has been a mixed bag. The weather , like my fitness has been a bit up and down. The weather was so poor at the beginning of my year that I believe we still have a turkey in the freezer  from the cancelled Turkey Shoot competition. (Health and Safety) I seem to have timed my injuries pretty well though. I had my first lay off  when the cold and rain was at its worst in late winter/early spring and my swing related injury just as the heatwave was breaking- I wish I had said  I had fallen off a ladder- a much more appropriate Artisan injury.  It would have spared me a lot of mickey taking.

Due to bad weather our season opening match with the parent club was postponed but we played the Lidgely Shield later on in July. During this match I learnt a few new words from club captain Patrick , when we were walking down the 6th  and the heavens opened

. The Ladies Match in April was a joy. I remember this being one of the first sunny days- a precursor to this generally incredible summer. Andy Prickett and I had a great day in the company of Jane and Sue Goodliffe. It was lovely to sit outside afterwards and enjoy the lovely tea you always put on for us.  Later in the year, Vice Captain Glen and I enjoyed another sparkling day with Jane and then Lady Vice Helen  I am sure I'm preaching to the converted here but if any of you haven't played in the ladies matches, put your names up for selection next year, they are without doubt two of our best golf days each year. I wish the new Lady captain Helen Morris all the best for the year ahead

As our golfing year progressed it turned into another-what could have been- years. We needed to win our penultimate league game to get a chance of topping the league. Sadly we only got a draw against Denham and went on to get our usual hammering away at Maidenhead who went on to win this year’s league by 2 points

We had a fine result at the BB and O Artisan Championships at Caversham Golf Club and brought home some impressive silverware................

The Hillman didn't go so well, but nothing new there. Thank you to Dave for organising those games, better luck next year.

We won both our friendly home-and-away matches. Ashridge is always a great test of golf, in a format not everyone is comfortable with. The Temple match was memorable for winning the tie from such a long way behind.

I would like to thank all those who made it not only easy but also a lot of fun.

I suppose, like most I didn't apreciate the work that the committee do in keeping the foundation of our club as stable as it is.  Steve Reed, is always available to offer help and advice. Glen Toudup is also a fantastic asset for our section. Often the first in and last out- he makes sure everything is as it should be. Danny Saia- always putting his hand up to say-I'll do that.John Harris, always happy to give time to halp with the fabric of the club ( must mention non committee guys who help, Paul Woodbridge, Tony Beale, etc) , Dave Wright, Andy Prickett, Dennis Oliver,Billy Eyers, all ready to offer opinions-and these opinions really matter because they shape our behaviour as a club.

I would like to thank Beaconsfield Golf Club for being ,possibly the best parent club in the world. Katy in the office is always helpful and indeed all the interactions we have with the top club seem very positve we hope you can say the same about us. I very much look forward to regaining the Lidgely Shield next year and I am poised ready to add my name to the list for matches especially the ladies fixtures.

Have a great rest of the yeard, and thanks for the memories.......

Frank Wood , Captain 2017-2018

The History of Beaconsfield Artisans

Following the suggestion put forward by Major Paulet, the captain of the parent Club, at a meeting of the committee on 22nd July 1922, an artisans section of fifteen men was established later that year".....to enable the artisan inhabitants of Beaconsfield to take up the game of golf.....". The rules of the new Artisan  section, or "Society" as it became known, were based on those of the Artisan section that had been formed at Burnham Beeches ten years earlier and they initially limited the membership to twenty-five and fixed the annual subscription to one Guinea. However, it's popularity was such that the following year the parent club increased the maximum number to thirty-five and it went on doing so until, by 1936, the maximum number had been raised to fifty and it has remained at that ever since. Originally in addition to the subscribing members, the Club's green-keepers were automatically entitled to be members. Now all the members of the Club's staff can be members.

The rules permitted the Society to elect up to ten(now five) Honarary Members, and the Club's first two professionals, James Jones and Percy Alliss, were so elected, as in due course were Bob Kenyon and Jimmy Adams.     

Percy Alliss

                                                   Percy Alliss

Following a change of practice later on, Alex Crombie and Mike Brothers were made vice-presidents of the Society and for many years all past captains of the parent Club have been made vice- presidents of the Society.

   The newly formed Society duly became a member of the national Artisans Golfers Association which had been established the year before, largely through the efforts of Billy Gardner who was a founder member of the Flackwell Heath Artisans Golfers Society and who was later awarded theMBE in recognition of his services to artisan golf over many years


old bits of news

Sunday November 18th-Poppy Cup

We handed over a cheque for £500 to the local branch of the British Legion. They are without premises now and are in need of donations from groups such as the Artisans

Glen T. took over captaincy for the day which turned out to be a glorious , sunny one.

It was another close result, with Sparky Woodbridge emerging triumphant.

Danny Tucker shot a splendid Gross 72.Great burgers were suplied by Phil, using our new, bigger cooker-

Our second match was also against Flackwell, this time away. Unfortunately we narrowly lost 3/2.

Our first match was against Flackwell Heat at home and we won comfortably, 41/2 to 1/2. A great start but we have the return fixture on the next saturday- Lets hope we can get a win there.

Our day out at Burnham Beeches was a great success, not even marred by the fact that reigning champion Danny Saia won again-shame he doesn't get cut!

The weather was amazing as was the hospitality of the golf club. We plan to go back next year.