Fixture List 2020





Established 1922

Club Fixtures 2020



JANUARY   2020

12th January  Qualifying Stableford    11.30am

19th January Jardine Barrel-3 clubs and a putter 11.30am

26th January   Grandfathers Day and Qualifying Stableford    11.30am



Sun 2nd  Wally Weston Trophy 12 Noon

Qual Stableford

Sun 9th   Nancy Mitchell Non Qual Bogey       12 Noon

Sun 16th  Veterans Cup 12 Noon

Qual Medal

Sun 23rd  Golf Fanatics Trophy  12 Noon

Qual Stableford



Sun 1st   R.W.Bishop Trophy   12 Noon

Non Qual Stableford

Sun 8th   Qual Stableford   12 Noon

Fri 13th  Club Outing to BURNHAM BEECHES 9.00 am

Sat 14th   Match v Parent Club(H)11.30p.m.

(Lidgley Shield)

Sun 15th   Qual Stableford   12 Noon

Sun 22nd Final Winter Qual Stableford 

Sun 29th  Summer Starting Times Commence



Fri 3rd Greensomes with Ladies(A) 1.00p.m.

Sun 5th   Work Morning   9.00a.m.

Non Qual Stableford  4.30p.m.

Fri 10th R.N.L.I Lifeboat Foursomes 2.oopm

Sun 19th  Eddie Bovingdon Trophy   6.00a.m./4.30p.m.

Qual Medal   

Sun 26th  Jardine Cup Eclectic 6.00a.m./4.30p.m.

Qual Medal



Sun 3rd Jardine Cup Eclectic  6.00a.m./4.30p.m.

Non Qual Medal

Fri 8th Quiz Night  8pm

Sun 10th    O'Brion Taylor Cup   6.00a.m./4.30p.m.

Qual Medal

Sun 17th Centenary Cup    6.00a.m./4.30p.m.

Qual Medal

Sat 23rdF.A. Cup Final   

Sun 24th C.V.Rafferty 6.00a.m./4.30p.m. 

Qual Medal

Sat 30th   Match v Harewood Downs(H)   4.00p.m.

Sun 31st  C.V.Rafferty   6.00a.m./4.30p.m.

Qual Medal - AGA Qualifier


Fri 5th Invitation Day   2.00p.m.

Sat 6th  B.G.C.Captains Day(No Golf)

Sun 7th    Cripwell Cup   6.00a.m./4.30p.m.

Qual Medal

Thurs 11th*Qual Stableford   See note

Sat 13th   Match v Temple(A)  3.00p.m.

Sun 14th  Frank Batting Trophy   6.00a.m./4.30p.m.

Qual Medal

 Sat 20th  Match v Maidenhead(H)  4.00p.m.

Sun 21st  Ladies Cup 6.00a.m./4.30p.m.

*Qual Stableford

Sat 27th  Match v Harewood Downs(A)  4.00p.m.

Sun 28th    Du Pre Cup   6.00a.m./4.30p.m.

Qual Medal


#  Committee will book 6x 4 balls. Members must book

before mid day on the preceding Friday, via Whattsapp

(Competions only,chat) or by text to Steve Reed

## Reserved tee

Sun 5th  Professionals Prize   4.00p.m.  #

Qual Medal

Sat 11th  E. Bovingdon  Qual Medal   4.00 -5.00p.m. ##

Sun 12th   F Randall Salver  S/ford  4.30 p.m.#

Sun 19th  CV Rafferty Qual Medal   4.00 p.m.#

Sat 25th  Montrose Cloete Qual Stab 4.00-5.00 p.m ##

Sun 26th F.Randall Salver S/ford 4.00p.m.#



Sun 2nd  O'Brion Taylor Cup   4.00p.m. #

Qual Medal

Sun 9th Cripwell Cup  4.00p.m. #

Qual Medal

Sun 16th Ladies Cup  4.00p.m. #

*Qual Stableford

Sun 23rd R.N.L.I Lifeboat  Greensomes 3.oopm

Entry sheet in club house

Sun 30th Frank Batting Trophy 4.00p.m.#

Qual S/Ford


Sat 5th Du Pre Cup  4.00- 5.00 p.m. ##

Qual S/Ford


The rest of the year's fixtures will be worked out nearer the time

Fri 11th   Greensomes with Ladies(H)1.00p.m

Sun 20th   B.A.G.C. Finals Day  11.00a.m.

Sun 27th   Work Morning  9.00a.m.


Sun 4th   Qual Stableford   2.00p.m.

Sun 11th  Absent Friends Trophy

Qual Stableford     2.00p.m.

Sun 18th  B.A.G.C. Captains day   11. 30 am

Sat 24th Annual Presentation Dinner   6.30 for 7.00pm

Sun 25th    Qual Stableford   11.30a.m.

Winter Starting Times Commence

Wed 28th   A.G.M. 8.00p.m.


Sun 1st   B.A.G.C. Captains Drive In  11.30a.m.

inc Bob Baker Trophy (Qual Medal)

Sun 8th   Harvest Festival   11.30a.m.

Qual Stableford

Sun 15th   Poppy Cup     11.30a.m.

Qual Medal

Sun 22nd  Dougie Gant Trophy   11.30a.m.

Qual Stableford

Sun 29th   Qual Stableford   11.30a.m.


Sat 5th   Charity Club Eveningt   7.30p.m.

Sun 6th    Turkey Shoot  11.30a.m.

Qual Stableford

Sun 13th  Bring & Win   11.30a.m.

Qual Stableford

Sun 20th   11.30 a.m  Qual Stableford

Sun 27th    11.30 a.m  Qual Stableford

Mon 28th Reserved Tee 11.3 a.m



Midweek competitions have no restriction on starting time - please

see Parent Club weekly fixture sheet

Divoting on the course is a condition of membership and will be

managed by six teams of members. Members are required to attend

3 times a year, any member neglecting this duty shall be suspended

Attendance at one of the two scheduled work mornings is a

condition of membership and any member neglecting this duty

shall be suspended.

All members eligible to play in any competition must be booked in

before the stipulated starting time

All summer and winter qualifying scores to be recorded

for appropriate aggregate prizes.

* Best two scores marked thus to be recorded for

the Frank Randall Memorial Salver.

A 10-Hole mid-week stableford competition will be

run from 26th March to end of September

Knock out competition rounds to be completed as

stated on the notice board. In the event of a tie not being played

 the committee will draw lots.

Availability at matches is a condition of membership, each member,

under the age of 65, must be available for two home and two

away league matches and two friendly matches, any member

neglecting this shall be subject to suspension

For COURSE CLOSURES please refer to the Parent Club

weekly programme displayed on the notice board

All summer competitions will be played from the white tees

All winter competitions will be played from the yellow tees