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Established 1922

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Artisan Captain 2019-2020

Glenn Toudup


This year we are supporting The Alexander Jansons Myocarditis Fund

The Alexander Jansons Myocarditis Fund has pledged a minimum of £80,000 per year to fund research into the causes, prevention and cures for Myocarditis and ultimately to produce a research paper to be published in medical journals. The knowledge gained from the research will add to the body of existing knowledge and increase the understanding of the Myocarditis disease and how it can be prevented and cured, therefore saving lives in the future.

Club Secretary -  Steve Reed

Club Officials




G.Puttergill Esq


D.Lewis,Esq                               S. Dodd,Esq

P.I.Anderson,Esq                        B.C.Hines,Esq

D.Randall,Esq                             C.Smith,Esq

G.Cotter, Esq                              A.Robertson,Esq

A.M.Hamilton,Esq                       M.Smith, Esq

D.Brown,Esq                               B.Lewis,Esq

C.Swallow,Esq                          W.Horgan,Esq

Air Vice Marshall K.         M.A.Wisdom,Esq


J.Lawson,Esq                              K.Robertson, Esq

J.R.Sutton,Esq                            R.van Wely, Esq

R.Jones,Esq                               C.Hallam, Esq

H.Knox,Esq                                B.Lowe, Esq

G.Bull,Esq                                  T.Woolcott.Esq

R.D.Connor Esq                          P.Murray Esq


  CAPTAIN:  G. Toudup

   VICE-CAPTAIN: A.Prickett







J.Harris                          D.Saia 

D Wright                        D.Tucker


G. Douglas

S. Smith

The History of Beaconsfield Artisans

Following the suggestion put forward by Major Paulet, the captain of the parent Club, at a meeting of the committee on 22nd July 1922, an artisans section of fifteen men was established later that year".....to enable the artisan inhabitants of Beaconsfield to take up the game of golf.....". The rules of the new Artisan  section, or "Society" as it became known, were based on those of the Artisan section that had been formed at Burnham Beeches ten years earlier and they initially limited the membership to twenty-five and fixed the annual subscription to one Guinea. However, it's popularity was such that the following year the parent club increased the maximum number to thirty-five and it went on doing so until, by 1936, the maximum number had been raised to fifty and it has remained at that ever since. Originally in addition to the subscribing members, the Club's green-keepers were automatically entitled to be members. Now all the members of the Club's staff can be members.

The rules permitted the Society to elect up to ten(now five) Honarary Members, and the Club's first two professionals, James Jones and Percy Alliss, were so elected, as in due course were Bob Kenyon and Jimmy Adams.     

Percy Alliss

                                                   Percy Alliss

Following a change of practice later on, Alex Crombie and Mike Brothers were made vice-presidents of the Society and for many years all past captains of the parent Club have been made vice- presidents of the Society.

   The newly formed Society duly became a member of the national Artisans Golfers Association which had been established the year before, largely through the efforts of Billy Gardner who was a founder member of the Flackwell Heath Artisans Golfers Society and who was later awarded theMBE in recognition of his services to artisan golf over many years


old bits of news

Sunday November 18th-Poppy Cup

We handed over a cheque for £500 to the local branch of the British Legion. They are without premises now and are in need of donations from groups such as the Artisans

Glen T. took over captaincy for the day which turned out to be a glorious , sunny one.

It was another close result, with Sparky Woodbridge emerging triumphant.

Danny Tucker shot a splendid Gross 72.Great burgers were suplied by Phil, using our new, bigger cooker-

Our second match was also against Flackwell, this time away. Unfortunately we narrowly lost 3/2.

Our first match was against Flackwell Heat at home and we won comfortably, 41/2 to 1/2. A great start but we have the return fixture on the next saturday- Lets hope we can get a win there.

Our day out at Burnham Beeches was a great success, not even marred by the fact that reigning champion Danny Saia won again-shame he doesn't get cut!

The weather was amazing as was the hospitality of the golf club. We plan to go back next year.